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    I was driving in a town with which I was unfamiliar and turned in to a Naval Weapons station in error. It was at the end of the busy main street and I got caught in the right turn lane. I pulled up to the guard at the gate and asked if he could allow me to turn around. He asked for my license and I gave it to him. It showed expired but I had sent for my renewal 6 weeks prior to the expiration date. He called the Military Police. My check was cashed by the DMV, and it showed on my bank statement. He indicated that my license was expired and he took it and gave me a ticket. I must go to court in a few weeks. The next morning I went to the DMV and renewed my license and paid again. The DMV did not have record of my payment at all, but when I contacted a department of the DMV handling this sort of problem, they were able to find that my payment had been made but would give me no information. I asked them for a printout of some sort that will identify payment and they will not give me anything. I do have a copy of my check, bank statement, and copy of the form I sent to the DMV. The DMV processed my check but not my license. I received a ticket a couple of months ago and the officer did not mention a problem with my license. I was very wrong not to follow up for 4 months. Does anyone know what kind of penalties would apply to this situation? It is a misdemeanor and court appearance is mandatory. I honestly believed my license was valid.
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    Tell them what you are sayign on here and bring supporting documentation. You cannot control DMV processing. I suggest that you go in person in the future to avoid this kind of stuff, however.


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      California License

      Thanks. I will go in person in the future. This was the very first time I renewed my license by mail. My court date is continued until August 8th. I have everything together and an attorney representing me who knows that particular area. I suppose I am learning the hard way. Thanks.