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Trademark Information on Above Top Secret

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  • Bob Bain
    started a topic Trademark Information on Above Top Secret

    Trademark Information on Above Top Secret

    This is an official notice to all that I’ve filed a trademark with the united states Patent and Trademark office via their website and as such, I am entitled all privileges that come with ownership of trademark registration – until at a time (usually 1 to 2 years process) when such registration is either denied (In which case I will then have the backup trademark registration online for full protection) or I am awarded the Registration and thus will begin using the name with an ® character.

    I made the filing as no one held a trademark upon the name (For any purposes, as in none at all) – thus allowing for me to stake claim to it. Also I am using the ™ character to establish the trademark status - so even if at a time such registration is denied - I legally have a back up working - by using the name as such : Above Top Secret ™ (Again - never been done, no trademarks of any sort have ever been established until I began my regsitration process)

    I, Bob Bain have filed with an understanding that such trademark will have precedence over any other with such name when it comes to the following items:
    Conspiracy, Paranormal Magazine – both online and print formats.
    Clothing apparel & Merchandise – including but not limited to : shirts with the name Above Top Secret or ATS, pants, shoes, under garments – clocks, video games, comic books…etc
    Television interests
    Talk show interests; these include our own Talk show either for Television or Radio.
    My first usage of the name Above Top Secret ™ began in 1998 under the domain name - it was a website about above top secret submarine technology.

    As a special notice - by law I can not touch any one who used the name before I filed and claimed the trademark; but also by that same law I am seen as the true owner of such name and thus making this website the Official Above Top Secret website and community.

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  • elklaw
    Why are you posting something like this on this site? Maybe you need your own website to post this on. Also, you should post under copyright and trademark if you have a question, but it would make sense to make these declarations on your own website.

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