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Migration Agent Response

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    Migration Agent Response

    A couple of my view on this

    1) We have operated for 6 years as a migration consultancy company and
    I worked for 5 years at DIMIA before this. We have never discussed a
    potential client with other migration agents that in any way would
    disadvantage that person. I guess I am saying that in my opinion
    there is NO unofficial network between agents in this regards. So if
    you want to complain about an agent and any breach of their code of
    conduct, go ahead.

    It would certainly assist agenst who are trying to perform their
    services credibly.

    2) It is FAR to easy to become a registered agent, maybe a 3-5 day
    course. An agent coming through that knows about 5% of what they
    need to know to work competently in their profession. It takes a
    considerable period of time after this before an agent has enough
    experience to feel confident they are covering all possiblilities
    for their clients.

    3) I would suggest from what I have seen that all the agents who
    contribute to this forum (George, Alan, Peter, Jeremy etc) have
    shown they have this level of knowledge and are confident enough in
    their own abilities to give quality advice.


    Steven O'Neil


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      Migration Agent Response

      As Steven has already addressed your concerns about your own application
      I will pick up on the point about the MARA to say that it seems you may
      be misunderstanding the way a regulatory system is supposed to work -
      inherent in such a system is a reliance on feedback from aggirieved
      clients if standards are to improve, and if you are to have your
      complaints addressed properly.

      This said, I have also expressed views on the migration agents' forum in
      the past to say that the MARA could and should do more by (for example)
      undertaking an active process of monitoring all agents procedures and
      records to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct and best practice.
      Though I am usually happy to express the point of view from the
      migration agent's perspective there appear to be a number of registered
      migration agents in business who have scant knowledge of the law and
      professional ethics, and how to manage client relationships.

      One problem in beefing up a system of regulation though is that costs to
      the practitioner increase, and so fees to clients head in the same

      Best regards.

      Originally posted by ayanem
      I take your point about assisting future applicants by complaining to MARA but I'm not going to do this if it's going to be to my own detriment. If you're suggesting that MARA relies on their members' clients to police MARA's system I think this reaffirms my original opinion about their usefulness.

      Regretfully, membership of MARA does not guarantee professionalism - recommendations from satisfied clients are a far better guide to a good agent.
      Best regards

      Alan Collett of Go Matilda,

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