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I'm not a crook, Cal.DL question.

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    I'm not a crook, Cal.DL question.

    Theodore A. Kaldis wrote:
    Kent Wills wrote:
    Wayne Delia wrote:
    Theodore A. Kaldis wrote:>Kent Wills wrote:>>>Theodore A. Kaldis wrote:
    >>>[I ain't no lawyer, and this ain't legal advice.]>>"So STFU then. [I, Toad Kaldis, am deleting the references to my own>> post where I said the same thing to Kent Wills.][I, Toad Kaldis, am deleting more stuff that's embarrassing or comical, because I am a real sensitive guy, as my photo shows.]>You first, burglar boy.[I, Toad Kaldis, am deleting stuff which claims I'm a felon.]We CAN call Ted a felon,
    But you would be lying (not that that is anything unusual).
    Toad, are you lying about Kent being a burglar? Obviously you are, and
    evidently you found out for yourself already. So why should you care if
    somebody else even remotely possibly lies about you? What makes it even
    more galling is that you've provided the admission yourself that you
    committed a felony.
    as he FREELY admitted to it. Admitted what?
    The whole story can be found in the stuff you clipped out. If your
    attention span isn't long enough to remember the material which you
    deleted thirty seconds ago, maybe you shouldn't rely on the '[...]' icon
    as much as you do.
    Ted is now aware that the information on the site was set up to trap astalker. I didn't expect to trap Ted, but that's what happened. Yah, right. Is that the best you can do, burglar-boy?
    I suppose that's as good an admission as any that you were hooked and
    reeled in, Electric Beer-Boy Felon.
    [Here's even MORE stuff that I, Toad Kaldis, can't deal with!]
    And you didn't even have any response to the stuff you snipped out here,
    like your usual "Huh? Gwah? Duh? Admitted what?" above.