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"Nothing is Impossible in Iraq but Reform"...and BS

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  • "Nothing is Impossible in Iraq but Reform"...and BS

    Is Iraq a BS "War"..?......According to the U.S. Constitution......only
    Congress can Declare "War".........and Presidents can "Wage War"
    where's the free gasoline...or cheap gasoline...?
    The History Channel has all these Photos, Pictures of the Above and
    Below ground Iran Nuclear Installations~ Centrifuges~ for making bomb
    material~ in the old Persia....and how the U.S helped the Shah start
    that Project.
    Apparently the whole thing is over the "Stability" of the Oil Producing
    Regions, Countries..
    so why get caught up in helping Texas and the Oil Companies Rip you
    off...they could build refineries...and make different kinds of fuel and
    so why go to Iraq ~and Is Iran the next Iraq?
    What Happened to the Anti Trust Laws~? Price fixing and fraud upon the
    Public by the Oil companies now going on.....might as well have
    Socialized Energy and Medicine
    So~I'd get out of the Army andlet the Rich People do theri own dirty
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