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How do I get car title away from slacker co-registrant?

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  • How do I get car title away from slacker co-registrant?

    I have a problem with another guy with whom I share the title/registration
    on a car in Va. He isn't paying his part of the bill (the car is still
    under lien by the bank.) I know you can't just walk into DMV and ask to
    take someone else off, but: he didn't have a legit license at the time the
    dealer transferred the ownership. His license was suspended due to
    nonpayment of fines and etc. (Funny they didn't catch that at the time.)

    Now he has one, but can I insist to DMV that putting his name on the
    registration was not legitimate at the time, so they can give it to me
    alone? (Kind of like annulment of marriages?) Is that the same for title?
    That way, if I can own the car I can demand that he pay me, or else just
    report it as stolen etc.

    Is there anything else I can do? Can the bank help me if they sympathize and
    think I'd be likely to pay if I had the value of the car entire? Thanks,
    your help is much appreciated!

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    message/s - sorry]

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    Sounds like you need to come to an agreement to assume full ownership and ask to buy him out of his share of the car or for him to sign it over to you. Usually, a bill of sale for his share of the car, even if for $1 should be sufficient to do that, but since the car is subject to bank loan, you will probably need to make sure you taking over the car solely in your name is ok and get that in writing. Changing at this point could accelerate the car loan. This is not as simple as you think I think. I suggest consulting an attorney to discuss further. Aside from taht, may be a small claims court matter against the other person if they are not paying their share.