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  • Suspended license Montana

    Need help ASAP! So I am living in Montana (just moved) and have a South Carolina drivers license. I just got in a accident and the officer said my drivers license is suspended. Asked why and the only thing he could get for now is unpaid traffic violations. Well, called Sc DMV and they said my license was not suspended???? How can this be and what can I do to fix it??

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    When you say, just moved, how long ago do you mean?
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      Actually been here off and on for five years but very season and I don't always come back in the summer. I called sc DMV and they said it wasn't suspended? And checked on line? The officer said from outsiding traffic violations and I don't have any here. Also, is there interstate commerce here?


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        Do you have any unpaid traffic violations from anywhere that you know of?
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          Your situation of moving back and forth for several months each year may be the problem.

          Most states require you to obtain a license in that state if you are continuously in the state longer than 30 or 60 days (varies by state).

          Your South Carolina license may be suspended in Montana because you have exceeded this time limit.