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taxing across state lines Idaho

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  • taxing across state lines Idaho

    If a person who lives in Idaho , goes and works in they pay Oregon income tax on those wages?

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    Probably yes, if the employer is doing it right.

    Would this be just a short business trip or an extended work assignment?
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      This would be a person who's main job for the company is in Idaho, but they take extra shifts to help out the companies location in Oregon


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        Not my states, so this will be a soft answer.
        - The worked state can always declare wages of non-resident employee working in state to be subject to in state SIT. Legally this is always the worked state's decision.
        - OR has no reciprocal agreements.
        - According to my cheat sheet, OR does consider work in state by non-residents to be subject to OR-SIT.

        Not exactly your question, but there are technically two different things happening here. What is the employer legally required to do? And what is the employee required to do? While one would think that there is a certain symmetry here, that is not always legally true.
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