To obtain an Ohio extension you must first request a federal extension. Ohio will automatically grant the same extension for your Ohio return, however, you must attach a copy of the federal extension (IRS form 4868) to your Ohio return. If you have requested a federal extension by telephone you will have received a confirmation number. You must attach a note to your Ohio return indicating that you have requested a federal extension by telephone and provide the federal confirmation number.

Remember, the extension is granted for filing only. If you estimate that you will owe tax, you must remit your payment by April 15th. Your payment should be remitted with form IT 40P. To request this form you may call our toll-free number at 800-282-1782, contact our Taxpayer Service Centers

You may also make a payment by using your American Express, Discover/Novus, MasterCard, or Visa card to pay your taxes using Official Payments Corporation. Please call 800-2PAY-TAX

You will claim this payment as an IT 40P payment on your Ohio income tax return.