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North Carolina, Federal Tax Question on claiming my daughter North Carolina

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  • North Carolina, Federal Tax Question on claiming my daughter North Carolina

    I e-filed my taxes yesterday and claimed my daughter EIC(earned income credit). Well, I got an e-mail saying that my return was rejected and to go back in Tax Cut a look at why. Well, someone else claimed my daughter. It turns out it was my father that did. He claimed that he didn't know he was claming her, he thought he was just doing a credit on her. What steps do i have to take now on my part? My dad said that he looked it up and figured out he has to fill out and send in some kind of 1040 tax paper to retract his taxes or something. Well, he was kind of distant giving me the answers to my questions. Can someone please tell me what steps I should take or my dad should take to get this all figured out. I was planning on having my return in a couple of weeks probably sooner. I didn't even know that he was going to be claiming her. Also last year when I lived with him and my mom full time with my daughter they calimed her. They told me I didn't make over $20,000 that's why I couldn't claim her?!! Yeah, well that was in PA and turns out that was a complete lie. Please Help

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    Get your records ready.

    You will need to prove that the child lived in YOUR HOME for more than half the year and that she was living at your home on March 15 of 2006 to claim her.

    If you can provide this proof to IRS they will allow you to use the deduction and fine your father, if your father files a correction to his taxes, he will likely avoid the fine.

    It was probably assumed by his tax preparer that since her claimed her in 2005, he would aslo do so in 2006, there was probably no intent to mis-reprent who the childs provider is.
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      No, he didn't go to tax preparer he just did them online. Well, we were living with him in 2006 up to June, but I have paid for my daughters daycare, clothes, shoes, nessecties, her chirtmas's, birthday's, gas to and from work you know the list could go on and on. He should have no right to even think about claiming her. He also did not have my permission to do so. I am just very disappointed in the way my parents have done this in the apst and now this. I have a credit card bill to also pay off that is from a starting tution at her daycare that i am planning on apying off with the return. So, what is the form that he is talking aobut that he has to fill out? Does he have to cancel his taxes first? Is he still going to get a return check in teh mean time? What is the time frame on all of this? What should I do in the mean time? Do I have to wait until they recieve his form for me to refile or earlier or alter then that?