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Adult Industry Taxes New York State

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  • Adult Industry Taxes New York State

    Hi, recently I saw on TV that all service jobs have to give a receipt to purchasers. By trying to be up to date for this I still question this towards this industry as being more personal and even when I started I got a yellow receipt pad to do so but found out we simply keep tabs by writing appointments down in a book and people really don't care for a receipt. I have no problem with this but am still looking for exact clarification. This is equivalent to baby sitting. Secondly, I have discovered that Texas has imposed some sort of sales tax on the adult industry in the same as to how (which I also just read) that in Florida they want to impose a sales tax on lap dancers and escorts (to help pay for older people to live in homes). I am curious if this is occurring anywhere else that I should know about for this year and since in New York more so for here. Taxing like this on lap dancing would seem more of an odd nuisance and for all the years of (any)service type businesses probably had this in mind but as far as personal type things (personal services) even on the human to human way of people seems cold. More like now they are digging deeper and deeper as history continues with taxing people no matter what. If they'd put out IRS booklets for adult industry workers, more tax would be collected from more people than those that do none at all (because they are afraid to) and more money would be collected that way.