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Pay tax if I live outside of NM? New Mexico

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  • Pay tax if I live outside of NM? New Mexico

    Is there a chance, or should I say a law, where I don't have to pay New Mexico tax on braces for my child that does live in New Mexico? Just curious, I've heard of such things as not having to pay taxes outside of the state you live in, didn't know if this might apply...those braces can be expensive!
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    New Mexico has a gross receipts tax (a tax on businesses) that is often passed through to the customer. There are ways in which buyers who are non-residents can be exempted from the tax, but generally it is because they are (1) purchasing tangible personal property either for resale or for use as an ingredient or component part of a manufactured product, or (2) purchasing manufacturing services that are performed directly upon tangible personal property the purchaser is in the business of manufacturing, or ingredient or component parts thereof. I don't think braces for a child would fall under this. You can always contact the NM Department of Taxation and Revenue for advice.
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