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did not pay taxes for four years Kentucky

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  • did not pay taxes for four years Kentucky

    I know this was the DUMBEST thing that I have ever done in my life. but when I was 18 years old I worked with a guy that moved here from Alabama. and he did not pay state or federal income tax .we talked all of the time about it he even had a card for walmart that said he was exempt from taxes like a church has. so I talked to him for about four months about filing exempt and I researched it on the Internet and there was a lot of info backing up what he had told me. that when you fill out the 1040 form you are volunteering to pay taxes. that they were to be abolished after ww2 and so i went to the front office and filled out the forms. and like that I was bringing home all of my gross income and I was making between 45 and 50k a year. so you can imagine being that age bringing home that kind of money I was on cloud nine. and after about two years that guy quit work and sold his house and skipped out without telling anyone what was going on. and come to find out he was running from the IRS. and as you can imagine that scared me to death I did not know what to do I was scared to change anything afraid I would go to jail. so I continued to do so for two more years until I quit that job. and since that job I have paid all taxes but I have not filed a return since I started that. in hopes that the money that I paid in would build up and I would be square with uncle SAM when the time came that I had the nerve to face what I had done. and now I am wanting to start a family and buy a house but I am scared about what will happen when I file. I know it was wrong and very unpatriotic of me and I am ashamed of what I did but if you could shed a little light on my situation I would appreciate it. and always remember that old saying if it sounds to good to be true it most usually is
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    You need a tax lawyer ASAP.

    The sooner you contact the IRS, the easier it will be on you.

    Nobody on this forum can help you out of this situation.

    You lose any refund (or credit) after 3 years. They can come after you for at least 7 for underpayments.


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      Periods would be nice. It would make reading a bit easier.

      You are in trouble. The longer you wait, the worse it will be.

      Your options are to contact the IRS directly or talk to a lawyer experienced in tax law, particularly if they have experience with folks in your position.

      I would recommend the latter for consultation. After you find out what it will cost you for fines, interest and legal fees, you can make your decision on whether to go with the lawyer or to throw yourself at the mercy of the IRS. The IRS has a bad rep, but it is not deserved. They can be nice. They just want what they think the US Govt should be getting.

      BTW, you are a little hard on yourself by saying you are unpatriotic. People try to pay as few taxes as possible and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it is legal. Sometimes it is not.
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        watch this video.....

        personally...I think the Gov't is raping us all....