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1999 tax lien Georgia

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  • 1999 tax lien Georgia

    My wife and I have a tax lien on our credit that was placed in 1999, over the years we have tried to get information on this from the state, and every time we are told that they have nothing o file.(We did not know it was there until 04-05, when we started shopping for a house) The lien got increasingly more over time due to the collector they use. About a year ago I recieved a call from the collector and told him I would be more than happy to look at what ever documentation he had, so we could get it taken care of. At this point I was informed that the state nor his company did not have to show any documentation, that we had to prove we did not owe the tax. Being a bit frustrated with someone telling me I had to pay a bill with know substantial proof ticked me a bit, and I simply told him to not call my house again u ntil he had the docs. Since this time the amount has went down a couple of thousand dollars on my wifes credit and roughly 4000.00 on mine. We have just looked at the delinquent tax list for the state of Ga. and we are not on it. My question is, would it be safe to assume that we could challenge this on our credit, or how do we go about getting help. All listing I have seen are for taxes 10,000.00 or more and we simply never owed that and as well cannot afford to pay for an expensive service at this time.

    Thank in advance for any suggestions

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    File a dispute. You can do it online probably. I just pulled a credit report from and I can dispute anything online.

    I would also put my dispute in writing to the collection agency. Certified, return receipt requested. This will give you more space to detail the steps you have taken.
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