Hello All

I am non-resident and had to use Itemized Deductions for IRS Form 1040NR just claiming Georgia State withheld taxes.

Could you please help me with next questions?

1) Must I use Itemized Deduction for Georgia Return (Form 500, Schedule 3, Line 10) as I already use Itemized Deduction for 1040NR?

1.1) If "Yes", Should I enter 0 for that Line, as GA Taxes was my only Itemized Deduction in 1040NR? Or, Should I enter again the GA Taxes as I did for the 1040NR?

1.2) If "No", Am I still entitled to claim for the Standard Deduction ($2,300) if I prefer it rather than Itemized Deductions?

Thanks all for you help and kindness!