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Withholding instead of making estimates Connecticut

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  • Withholding instead of making estimates Connecticut

    You will not be required to pay estimated income tax if you expect to have enough Connecticut tax withheld from your wages or pension to equal your required annual payment. Your required annual payment is the lesser of:

    90%of the total income tax shown on your current year’s Connecticut income tax return


    100% of the total income tax shown on your prior year’s Connecticut income tax return, if you filed a Connecticut income tax return for the prior year that covered a 12-month period.

    If you have other income on which no Connecticut tax is being withheld, you can request that additional tax be taken from your wages by your employer by completing a new Form CT-W4. If you are a resident who receives pension or annuity payments you can use Form CT-W4P to instruct the pension payer to withhold Connecticut income tax. Retired Civil Service employees should initiate requests or changes for Connecticut Income Tax withholding through the United States Office of Personnel Management.

    To check your withholding, review IP 2006(7), Is My Connecticut Withholding Correct?