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Robbing Peter to pay Paul? huh California

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  • Robbing Peter to pay Paul? huh California

    For the last several months my brother has been working with his bank trying to get his home loan restructured, it finally went through and the bank reduced the mortgage payments and knocked off $18,000 off the loan.
    Saturday he got a letter from the IRS stating that as a result of having the loan reduced, he now owes them $3,000
    How is that??

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    Quite normal. All"write offs" whether mortgage, credit card or any other kind of debt is considered taxable.
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      Yep, agree with Morgana. "Write-offs" are taxable.
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        *&[email protected]#*#~?!!!%#!! ing IRS!

        Originally posted by Betty3 View Post
        Yep, agree with Morgana. "Write-offs" are taxable.
        Thanks to you all for responding,
        And, here's the joke of a lifetime

        What do the big banks call "Write-offs"?

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