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accused of owning two house, unreported in income tax Wisconsin

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  • accused of owning two house, unreported in income tax Wisconsin

    A family member got a letter from the court house accused of owning two house and that he did not report his (supposedly) second house under his income tax '07. The thing is, he only has his name under 1 house as the owner legally by law and he also did not claim that second house under his '07 income tax.
    I was wondering if there are any other legal ways to own or claim a house besides having your name listed legally as the owner?
    Moreover, at this second house he is accused of owning, which is really his son's house plus his son is listed as the owner by law, he has a self-employment day care there and only goes there for his job during the day. He does not pay rent for that house or for any of his usage there because his son is nice enough to let him do his day care there for free.
    So my last question is, can he be accused of owning two houses just because he does his day care at a second house for which he doesn't pay any rents or fees?
    Because if the only way to claim a house as the owner, is by having your name as the legal owner on a document, then that letter from the courthouse would be invalid?

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    issued fixed

    Never mind, this issue is fixed. The people, whatever their title is or related to the court system, said to ignore the letter, for it was just a mistake due to old files and misunderstanding. >_<