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Who is respomsible for back taxes? Wisconsin

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  • Who is respomsible for back taxes? Wisconsin

    On our HUD-1 statement (which we just discovered in dec and closed in july), we discovered they attached her 2005 taxes on us and her 2006 portion (which is common the 2006) BUT no one told us that there were back taxes owed, it was not part of the purchasing agreement or any agreement we would have walked. It was a FSBO, and she refused to get an there anything we can do because now the bank did not escrow her portion of 2006, and slapped it on our house payment! We have 5 kids and can't pay that HUGE house payment, and could lose our house?!? Any advice?


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    You mentioned that the Seller refused to get an attorney - did you happen to use the services of an attorney? This is a search that every attorney does to determine if there are any back taxes owing. If so, adjustments are made at closing to have the Seller pay for them.

    If you had an attorney who failed to do this, you have a valid complaint and suit against your attorney.

    If you handled everything yourself then your only recourse is to sue the Seller. Most Purchase Contracts contain clauses making the Seller liable for all tax payments up to the date of closing.

    Why should the county hold you responsible for the Seller's back taxes? Because property taxes run with the land notwithstanding that the arrears of taxes were caused by a previous owner.

    Sad situation that could have easily been avoided if someone would have done a tax search.

    Good Luck,

    Steve @