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Landlocked Land Wisconsin

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  • Landlocked Land Wisconsin

    We own property, with a house on it, in Northern Wisconsin. Currently, we are on the end of a paved town road. Our neighbors have purchased some adjoining property which means they now own all of the land on both sides of this public road with the exception of our property.

    They want to purchase this road from the town to make it a private road which then my land would become Landlocked. They told us that they would not gate it and that they would continue to have the town do the snow plowing.

    We are concerned about our long-term legal rights to this road and the maintenance of the road if this becomes private.

    Does the town need our permission for this transaction to take place?

    Also, what happens to the property value of our land when it becomes landlocked?

    Are there other issues we do not see here? What are our options?

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    You would have to be granted access to you property by the neighbor - easement by necessity. However, it would be in your best interests that you contact the town office and tell them your concerns.

    What you want, if the roadway is sold to the neighbor, is an express easement which clearly defines the rights and obligations of all parties, term of the easement etc. The town should make this a condition of any sale of the roadway. You want the easement to be perpetual (never ending) and you want to make sure that either the town (preferably) or the neighbor is responsible for the maintenance and care of the roadway - not you or a subsequent owner of your property.

    If you have the right terms in the easement which in essence maintain all the privileges you currently enjoy, then your property value will not be affected.

    For more on easements, see our website:

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