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Who owns this property! Washington

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  • Who owns this property! Washington

    My wife and I have tried several attorneys with no resolve, so we are hoping someone can help.

    My wife's grandpa passed away 10 years ago. In 1983, he purchased a piece of property with a mobile home from a family. He got a mortgage on the property, but the seller maintained the deed. He paid off the of the property in 1994, but never received the deed or a pay-off statement from the bank (at least not one that we can find in his records). My wife and I have been paying the taxes on the property for the past 5 years, and decided to make some improvements on the land. To be sure, we had a title report ran on the property, which showed that the deed was still held by the original owners, and it had never been transferred to her grandpa. We hired an attorney who recommended we try to contact the original owners and see if they could provide us a document stating the property was paid off, but we are unable to locate these people. Therefore, we were wondering if this would fall into adverse possession after we have paid the taxes for 7 years. Basically, the family has been paying the taxes on the property since 1983. We tried calling the bank that gave the mortgage, but they only hold records for 10 years after payoff, so they couldn't help us.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!