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Yet another adverse possession --WA Washington

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  • Yet another adverse possession --WA Washington

    My husband and I are thinking about buying a house. We have a copy of the short-plat survey that was filed with Cowlitz County (it's about 2 years old). The lot is 77.5 wide and 200 feet deep. Along one side, there is a fence and the back of a garage that are actually on "our" side of the property about 3.5 feet...and run nearly 100 feet to the back of the property. It's clear the fence/garage have been there for many, many years...I don't understand how the surveying works, or how property lines get defined, so I don't understand why the property line for the lot we're looking at was not redefined to not include the fence/garage.
    I'm of the opinion that it's there, it's been there a long time, and we can live with it, but we don't want any kind of legal issues if we decide to sell the property some day down the road.
    What should we be concerned about and what do we need to do about it to protect ourselves?