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Is this Bait & Switch? Virginia

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  • Is this Bait & Switch? Virginia

    If a apartment managment group advertises "Free High Speed Internet" to grab renters such as myself. (Advertisement is a banner on Apt. and newspaper Ad). Second day into my lease, I cannot get or have "High Speed" internet, it's as slowwer than a dialup connection, with this I cannot do my college classes online. I could do my online classes at my parents home who do have highspeed internet, so I know there is not anything wrong with my new computer.

    Can I get out of my lease?
    Can I ask them to compensate me as?....

    ... ask the landloard to provide the advertised High Speed by reducing my monthly lease rent charge, so that I could buy the advertised highspeed internet directly from the internet provider.

    If this doesn't affect my lease, couldn't it be false advertisement?

    Having a college budget, I thought this was a good choice, apparently not, I gave up a dishwasher in an apartment to have high speed internet in this apartment to be able to work on my online college classes, I don't have HS internet, so guess I have to go wash my dishes!

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    duplicate post
    Please no private messages about your situation.


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      So sorry

      Not intended to be duplicate post.