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EVICTION process and procedure in VA! Virginia Washington West Virginia

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  • EVICTION process and procedure in VA! Virginia Washington West Virginia

    Hello, I received a notice to be out of my apartment by the 20th of this month. This was not posted on my door but on the bannister that me and my next door neighbor share. Today is the 7th and I tried to negotiate or set up a payment arrangement. The landlord told me in 4 days by the 11th I would HAVE to pay $925.00. I was wondering if I could postpone that until the 20th that was issued on the banister in my hall? I just need addtl info and QUICKLY....thanks for your help and time.

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    What type of notice was it? Pay 3 day notice to pay rent or quit? 30 day notice? And which state are you in? You list 3, and it makes a difference. How far behind are you on the rent?
    I am not an attorney, and don't play one on TV. Any information given is a description only and should be verified by your attorney.


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      Eviction in va

      Well the eviction just stated a sheriff deliverd it and for me to be removed off premises by the 20th---that was left on the banister yesterday afternoon when I returned home. However on the back of the letter it's dated for Dec 5th and on the envelope it has dec 14th---i stay in VA i didnt mean to put the other 3 states on there. I called the leasing office on yesterday--the 8th and she told me to pay her $925 by wed the 12th--and if i couldnt do that she would then proceed with the eviction process.

      Thanks for your response