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Pennsylvania - Breaking a lease

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  • Pennsylvania - Breaking a lease

    I signed a one year lease a month ago, and moved into an apartment. The apartment was nothing like the model, but having signed the lease, I figured to make the best of it.
    Since moving in, we have had issues with getting our copy of the lease, bees, mice, and leaks. We finally got a copy of the signed lease 3 weeks after moving in, and we told them about our bee and rodent problem. They sent an exterminator, and he placed traps that have been catching a mouse a day.
    Last week, we reported a leak that occurred by phone, to which there was no response, and when we paid our rent, we told the rental office agent. Still no action was taken. I went there in person today and told them that I wanted to move out due to all of these problems. The say that I will have to pay 2 months rent and forfiet my security deposit, and be out in 30 days. I'd be willing to give 60 days notice and forfeit my deposit. They have now sent someone to look into my problems however, though that does not really inspire me with any hope in any way.
    With my first child on the way soon, I'd prefer to move out and find a better place to live. Would anyone now of my options in this situation? Would I really be on the hook for 2 months rent plus my security deposit to get out of a lease in an apartment that is turning into my worst nightmare?