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Accused in Pennsylvania

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  • Accused in Pennsylvania

    A friend of mine has sold their home a little over a year ago.
    The new owners are accusing her for fraud/failure to disclose water in basement and to pay for what it cost to fix.
    There never was a problem with water in her basement for the 6 years that she lived there. Upon sale it was agreed that she pay to have the wall fixed in the basement cause the inspector found a hairline crack in it. The construction worker was picked by the buyers and payed for by the sellers. ( The construction worker, who fixed this wall , used a sledge hammer on it!)
    So now the question is ..How does she prove that there never was an existing problem with water in the basement ? All she has is witness's to that fact , is that sufficient ? The new owners have some write up from another contractor that says that water in the basement was an existing thing when she lived there. This "survey" of the basement was done 10 months after the new owners moved in and after the construction worker had beat the heck out of the wall to install some kind of supports. (Again her basement was always bone dry including the walls during any rainfall or snowstorm etc.)
    Plus , isn't there a time limit on these types of things..when a new owner can sue a previous owner ? ( I looked it up and found 4 to 6 years but I swear I read it was 1 year from time of signing sale agreement somewhere.)
    Shouldn't these new owners be going after the construction company that fixed the wall for faulty workmanship? (Instead of disrupting and causing undue stress on her.)