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Divorcing but I am not on the mortgage... Pennsylvania

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  • Divorcing but I am not on the mortgage... Pennsylvania

    but I am on the title of the house...

    He left me, and I have been paying the mortgage since he left, even though my name is not on the mortgage. (it is on the title of the house.)

    I have been told that since I own half the house and I am not liable for the mortgage, that I am entitles to half of the sale of the house and that it is my spouses problem concerning paying the mortage off.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if this was true?

    Any help would be appreciated, and if this is something legal I can do, well I have to admit I will enjoy doing it.



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    True- you are not responsible for the mortgage. Stop paying though and there will be a foreclosure.

    At which time tho- you could probably buy it from the bank at a good price. Not at 20% of what its worth. Those days are over. but certainly less than what it would go for on the market.

    Stop paying the mortgage, it will destroy his credit. Call the mortgage company and let them know that you are no longer paying and why. Maybe after he defaults, they will sell it to you without an auction, where you would stand the chance of being outbid by someone else.

    Also keep records of the payments you have made. Do not pay anything, that is not in your name, to include power, heat, phone, cable ect. When its turned off, call and have it put in your name.
    This will pass. Life's got bigger disapointments waiting for you.