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Is there any thing that can be done?

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  • Is there any thing that can be done?

    My first question is whether or not there are occupancy laws in Oregon and if so what are they? I use to manage an apartment complex in another state and the law there was two people per bedroom even if one of those person's was a new born infant. If two people started thier lease in a one bedroom apartment and had a baby during that lease term they were allowed to finish out the term of that agreement but upon expiration they were required to move to a two bedroom to accomidate three occupants.

    My second question is what can be done about nieghbors who are seriously load all day? These people have like seven kids or more and they are so loud that you can hear them over the television inside my house. They let the little girls scream at the top of there lungs and I know they are just playing but and I hate to complain about it but it's really bad. We live in a single family home also this isn't an apartment so we share no wall's. I have never met these people but I can tell you every one of those kids names from hearing them yell at them all the time. Please don't take me as a kid hater I have raised three boys and one of them still lives at home so I understand that kids will play but what ever happened to peaceful and quite enjoyment of a residence when your paying rent. Is there any thing that can be done? How would I even complain to the lanlord about this? Would they even be able to do any thing about that?