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Breaking a lease in NY New York

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  • Breaking a lease in NY New York

    I have taken up residence in an apartment for 5 months out of my 1 year lease so far. I recently had a roommate move out, and fiance and I cannot afford the rent on our own since we are saving for a wedding. My question is even though my lease says "It is expressly understood by the parties that under no circumstances shall the security be used for or applied as rent", is it not a tenants' right after giving notice that lease will be broken that I have the option to use my deposit as my last month's rent? Or would it be returned upon leaving?

    It says no where in the lease that deposit monies will be used for improvements or such when I vacate or any thing of hte sort.

    Every improvement that has been made has been by myself, the rooms weren't even spackled nor painted when I moved in.
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