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Roaches: Early Termination of Lease/LAs Vegas, NV Nevada

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  • Roaches: Early Termination of Lease/LAs Vegas, NV Nevada


    In the state of Nevada, what is the correct eviction proccess when someone cannot pay their rent. I'm reaching closure in one of my first own tenant landlord disputes concerning infestation of roaches. I could have left, but I could not afford the move AND the new apartment (deposits, utilities deposits etc). I chose to endure. So I am letting it go.

    I finally got to a point that I no longer could endure it and asked for and early lease termination. They denied me verbally. I was unaware there were forms. They offered me a 60 day notice in writing to sign and said as soon as they could find a renter they would notify me. My lease was up on Nov 31. I was too afraid to bring up the ****roaches in writing since I had received a "Cease and Desist: lettet falsey accusing me o fbeing verbally abusive to the staff. What really occurred was my infant and I were in the managers officeon the 4th of July and the 5th of July. I was in tears begging pleading with management to come get the roaches out. There were over 40 live roaches. In the middle of the night--the maintenance man came to get rid of them but instead minimized my ordeal and let them crawl up and down his arm to show me they would not bite saying they were "waterbugs and not roaches". This did not comfort me. No one seemed to care.

    So on Sep 27 I was notified by a staff member that my apartment had been leased. I was free to move. I had my new aparment lined up on October 1st, movers coming on oct 6th and I was giving everything away to lighten the load and minimize the costs of the move.

    On Oct 4th My old place said they did not have a renter after all and I was responsible for the rent. I had to pay them the 1200, cancel my movers and still lost my money on the other place. I now have to start all over again. Just yesterday they found the roach nest finally in my water heater closet on the back patio FINALLY! It was leaking and roaches were everywhere! No one ever bothered to look in that space. Also I have a condensation (A/C pipe that is above the washer and leaks "rust" into my washer and has destroyed laundry. They tell me to leave the lid open for it to drain into the tub. They tell all tenants that. That is how my clothes got ruined (through the lid leaking) . They told me I should have had renters insurance.

    How do I write the note so I am not in trouble or locked out of my apartment with my baby.

    What about my 1800 security deposit? Basically I want to "bill" them? I have been paying my 1200 every month despite my grievances so this would be the first time I do NOT, they are holding 1800 of my security as it is

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    nevada real estate law/lease??

    Can anyone tell me if i can legally be "sued' for 2 months rent if I did not live there during the time and fullfilled my lease obligation? My lease was up the end of March of 07 and Im being charged for the months of April and up to the 24th of May..they claim I was living there during this time and I moved out the 1st of April , with a $500 deposit
    Any help I would appriciate- thank you


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      I would file a complaint with the state Attorney General's office. Sounds like you may have a case for the place being uninhabitable.
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