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Roaches: Early Termination of Lease/LAs Vegas, NV

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  • Roaches: Early Termination of Lease/LAs Vegas, NV


    In the state of Nevada, what is the correct eviction proccess when someone just simply cannot pay their rent. I am curious about a a school teacher friend who lived in my building. Either she was not being completely honest or the laws are different than I thought. She claims she was behind on her rent about 2 weeks and that when she came home one day her locks were changed and there was a notice on her door telling her when she could come back to get her personal belongings. This teacher has been gone a month now I guess. I was wondering if she ever got to go to court to contest the eviction (even though she was at fault).

    I am at the end of a battle where I feel the complex owes me money. I am disabled and am a single mom with my infant daughter. I have been paying my 1200 every month despite my grievances so this would be the first time I do NOT, they are holding 1800 o fmy security as it is and I thought theywould realize their errors by now. They have not. If I can at least do it legally without being locked out of my apartment. I merely want to let them know they owe me 1200 and I am deducting it out of November'rent which is the last months rent and that I want my full security depost returned to me immediately following the "walk through" inspection.