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Not sure what to do? Nebraska

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  • Not sure what to do? Nebraska

    I am renting-to-own a house. When I moved in I had a roommate that shared the rent and utilities. She had full access to the house with her bedroom and her own living room downstairs. She always wrote a check out to the landlord and gave it to me to mail or deliver. Her name was never placed on the lease due to the fact that I work for the gentleman I am buying from.
    By the end of Nov 07 she dissapeared, no contact with me or rent. She avoided all my calls. I went to her father and informed him that without her I couldnot afford the house so either she needed to move out so as I could get a new roommate or pay her rent. At 4pm, Dec 4th I changed the locks,rent was late on Dec 5th, informed her dad and her via text message, and a note left on the door stating she would have to contact me. Dec 14th I sent a certified letter to the only address I had for her, her father's house, stating she had untill Jan 15th to contact me, pay me what she owed me, and remove her possesions from my house.
    On Jan 15th, 11 am, I received a text from her stating a truck would be at my house that afternnon to get her things. I informed her she owed me money. Mind you, this all thru text messaging, she wont talk to me. That afternnon she had an attorney call me informing me I could not get rid of her things. I have since moved ion a new roommate (Dec 23rd.) and I still have all her possesions in my way.
    What do I do? I had to borrow money to pay her share of Dec rent, so I owe somebody else. Her name was never on the lease, and she wont make an effort to talk to me. My new roommate is using her furniture. I have nowhere to put it. I'm not a cruel person to just throw it to the curb, but I need to know what is in my rights.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    I'd suggest that you read the sections on personal property at the following site. In essense, you were her landlord, even if you had no lease, and you must follow landlord-tenant law with regard to the personal property (also with regard to having changed the locks on her). Generally, your recourse if she owes you money is to sue her in small claims court.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!