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Terminating a Land Contract/Failure to Pay Nebraska

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  • Terminating a Land Contract/Failure to Pay Nebraska

    I have a land contract agreement with a tenant in a mobile home. It simply states that she occupies it, pays all utilities, repairs and property taxes plus the monthly mortgage payments (I make no profit). She has fallen behind in payments and taxes. I sent her a 3 day notice, still no pay. She called me with a very bad attitude (because I sent a 3 day notice) stating that she no longer would pay and I would have to evict her. What is my next step?
    1.) Do I have to give a full 30 day notice for her to move out?
    2.) She never had the utilities put in her name (which she was supposed to due after 30 days) Can I take my name off those utilities now? and have them shut off?
    3.) Even if I give a 30 day notice, is she still responsible for that last month?
    4.) How do I legally give her the 30 day notice?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!