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city wants to levy my taxes

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  • city wants to levy my taxes

    We purchased a house in 2004. On Dec. 17th 2006 we recieved a letter saying we owe $150.00 for a Fire Dept. call on Nov. 16 2001. The previous owners apparently burned some garbage and the Fire Dept. had to extinguish the fire. The previous owners never paid the bill so the Fire Dept billed the city of Quamba. The city of Quamba paid the bill and now expects us to repay them. The city gave us 11 days to pay or it will be added to our property taxes. This is six years after the fact and not even our bill. What are our options. Sounds like the city of Quamba isn't doing their part in billing the real people and just being lazy billing us.
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    By municipal code, the city probably has the right to bill you. Other than simply pay the bill to get them off your back, you have very few options.

    First, you could check with your title insurance company (if you purchased an owner's policy at closing) to see if this bill amounts to a "lien" that accrued before you purchased the property, per municipal code. It then could be covered by your policy. Chances are good though if it took this long for the City to bill this charge, any lien rights they may have accrued will attach after the date you bought the property. In such a case the title company won't pay.

    Otherwise, you can pay the bill and sue the sellers for it. But being practical, that doesn't make sense over $150. If you can't get in touch with the sellers and get them to pay I would just pay the bill and move on with enjoying your new home.