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    Well I have a bit of a problem. I live in Burnsville Minnesota. My cousin and I were on a lease for 1 year. After about 5 months of living with my cousin I found out he was seriously addicted to Cocaine... I asked him to clean up his act and not bring that stuff into our appartment. 1 month later he still kept doing it. I became really frustrated with him. After coming home from my cabin one sunday I walked into my bedroom and there was beer cans all over my room, and bloody cleanixs all over my bed. I told him I would be going to the rental office and break the lease if he did not stop immediatly. I have a perfect rental history record and criminal record and do not want to effect that. My cousin told me he did not want to stop and it was apart of his life now. The next day I went to go break the lease and told them it was due to my cousin and I, not fully explaining the drug problem in fear that it would show on my rental history as well. We were assigned to continue to pay for 60 days as well as pay a cancelation fee of 2200.

    2 months have now passed. I tried to collect the money on his part (1104.00) and he is pretending he has no idea of why I moved out and that he never did drugs. I went to talk with my appartment landlord and am currently unsure how it will turn out. My landlord confirmed that I was the only one who took the time to come and tell her the story, and I was the only one who took the time to break the lease. My cousin still has not turned in his keys or signed the cancelation papers in the main office.
    I just dont want to have to pay all of the 2200 without him chipping in the 1104. Both our names are on the lease. If we dont pay the 2200 it goes to collections and this will kill my credit score.

    I was wondering if there are any ideas or solutions on what I might be able to do to get this settled.

    Would I be able to get my name off the lease all together because of his drug habbit, which forced me to want to move out?

    please help!