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Damaging tree branch encroachment

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  • Damaging tree branch encroachment

    A large neighboring tree [owned by the state of MI] periodically puts branches over and on the roof of my garage. The authority has, until now, been very responsive to trimming them back.
    Now, several branches are constantly sweeping the roofing, damaging it each time.
    The administrator ignored my initial letter. His tree-trimming contractor visited the property and trimmed ornamental trees only, had no work order to trim this encroaching tree, and advised me to do it myself. A subsequent registered letter asking for aciton has also been ignored.

    The offending branches are so high up that it's very dangerous, so a pro must be called in to do the job.

    What rights to self-help do I have under MI law ? Can I call in a contractor and send the agency the bill ?

    What other steps can be taken against this agency and its head, an independent authority [a Community Action housing authority] ?