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Condominium Association Late Fees Michigan

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  • Condominium Association Late Fees Michigan

    Hi there,

    I am looking for some information on Michigan state laws govering Condos. I believe that our management company is illegally assessing late fees. For example, if you pay your dues late, you are assessed a $35.00 late fee. Dues are due on the first of the month, but late fees are not assessed until the 11th of the month.

    Historically, if the 10th falls on a weekend day, dues are accepted on time the following business day.

    The management agency is wishy-washy on this issue, meaning they may or may not use this policy (and they may or may not assess you a late fee.

    Second, if you are assessed a late fee for a particular month, and the next month you pay your dues on time, the company assesses you another late fee because you have a previous balance. To my knowledge, this is illegal, but I can't find the information to support it. Can you help or direct me in the righ area to find this information?

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    Me too

    Did you ever find an answer to your question? I have the exact same problem. I bet we have the same association...


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      Did not get an answer yet.


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        Everything is going to depend on the Declaration for your condo and the rules and regulations subsequently passed by the Association according to the powers they are granted by the Declaration. Take a look at your Declaration and any regulations passed by the Association. If it appears they are acting arbitrarily, and the amount of money everyone is paying is adding enough to a large enough dollar amount, have an attorney contact the Association. If there are enough condo owners having the same problem, it might be worth it.