Good Morning!

On our deed we have a perpetual rights and easement to maintain a buffer zone over the lot next to us fifteen feet in width along common boundry lines. This buffer is to remain in its natural state with no trees or vegetation cut or removed. In addtion no building or other above ground structure can be erected.

The lot next to ours to which this buffer applies has just sold. Does the above wording of the buffer zone need to be included in their deed as well? The developer is putting a 3500 sq. ft house on that lot and he is getting pretty darn close to the buffer zone area as he is excavating. We have already warned him of the buffer zone but he has been known to rip out trees in protected areas and deal with the consequences later. We could never replace some of these old trees if he takes them out.Can anyone give us any advice on this. What happens if he does violate the terms of our deed? Can we go to the town and put a cease and desist order on him if he does? Sorry this is so lengthy and I appreciate any help.