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Condo Association Issues Massachusetts

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  • Condo Association Issues Massachusetts


    Simple question with a long back story.

    I recently purchased a condo in East Boston and after I moved in I realized the lack of condo association that the building had. There are 4 units of which 2 are owner occupied, 1 rental, and 1 empty and on the market for sale. The condo has been established since 1985. The man who I bought the unit from used to own all 4 units. Now he only owns 1(the rental). He has been in control of the association since 1995. During closing I was given a budget for the condo fees, but that was the last I heard. I have attempted to contact him via phone and certified mail. He has never attempted to contact me since July. The insurance and common electric is in the name of the condo. However the common water bill is in his name. I have paid the water bill myself one month just to show I am paying my fees.

    He is planning on selling his unit. What legal rights do I have if he attempts to collect back condo fees during this time?


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    Each action you take should be done in writing sent either by a sheriff or a constable, so when the time comes that he might come after you for the fees, you can prove that you honestly di make an effort to contact him. That paper trail will definetly help you if you end up in court. Another idea is to send it where you send your rent believe me he'll pick it up there, as long as its not a p.o. box. Good Luck!


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      Do you have an address for the condo association - i.e. address to make payment? If you have an address, send a letter - see if it comes back. If not send condo fee payment by registered mail each month and keep a paper trail.

      If not, consider opening a separate bank account - pay your monthly condo fees into that account. Use the account only for your condo fees. This shows your intent to honor your financial obligation of paying your condo fees. If approached for arrears, having paid funds into a separate account will help prevent penalties from being levied.

      Steve @