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Steps for Adverse Possession in Maryland

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  • Steps for Adverse Possession in Maryland

    Thanks for takin the time to read this message.

    I'am a Maryland resident and there are a few homes on my block that are eye sores due to the homes are vacant and boarded up and are bringing down the value of the properties oin my block. I have gone down to the county court house and have obtained information on the individuals who own these house and I have sent letters to the individuals to ask that they fix up the homes, but the letters come back as undeliverable mail or unanswered and it seams that the owners of these homes do not want to be found or have just abandoned the property.
    I was wondering what are the steps or the process that I would have to do under Maryland Law in order to obtain the properties through
    Adverse Possession? Can I legally obtain the properties and repair them to livable condition and use as an investment property?
    And also how long is the process for Adverse Possession in Maryland?
    If the homeowner is found he still does not fix up the property then what other recourse do I and the neighbors have.
    I also have information on a few of the houses and one of the owners of the properties lives in CA.
    Is there another process that I would have to do for an out of state owner who I cannot locate or who does not answer any of my letters?
    Any advise would do.
    Thank You!!!