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  • Sale In Lieu Of Partition Maryland


    Can anyone help me here? This is my situation. Me and my sister bought a house back in 2004 as an investment property. Everything was going fine she was supposed to get tenants to live in the house with her and she never did. I have never lived in the house and do not even maintain a room. Around March of last year she got a boyfriend and he moved in so he was paying towards the mortgage. I fealt i should be paying less since I dont live there and I did not want to pay for their lifestyle. So i called her and we agreed on the phone that I would pay less than both of them. They get married in july of 06 and I get served lawsuit papers in sept of 06. The suit is Sale In Lieu Of Partition. I want to fight it but am i wrong for paying less. Does any one know what my options are and how fast of a process this is? Any help will be greatly appreciated !!!!!