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  • Maryland

    I purchased a condo in Prince George's county MD in Feburary. The management company did not disclose to me the condo had filed bankrupcy 10 months prior to me purchaing unit. About 8 months after i purchase the gas company shut off the gas for about a month. The management company sent me a letter on the 11th of october signed by nobody that effective October 1st my fees has double, 11 days after the fact. The current board president term has expired and one other member. I got a response from the attorney representing the condo,that if you can't pay the double fees just sell and leave. They also told me they have investors that can purchase the unit. I am a mother of 3 and i need to know what rights i have. They are not following the condo bylaws. Please help me and several others that was placed in this situation. We have several elderly and fixed income people in our group.Is this legal to double our fees.