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smoke posing health risk for 5mth old Texas

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  • smoke posing health risk for 5mth old Texas

    Hello. I hope that someone can help me with this because I cannot bear this anymore. I am living with my husband and 5 month old daughter. We live in apartment complexes with several buildings. My neighbors on both sides smoke cigarettes. When they smoke it gets into my apartment as if someone in my apartment smoked. I have complained several times about this and my landlord has only suggested to move me. She is not willing to pay any trasfer fees or help me move. At the same time why should I move? This is the apartment which I am renting and it is an inconvienience for me to move. Lately the smell of marijuana has been present as well. The biggest reason why I want to move is because my daughter has been sick for well over a month now. I have taken her to the pediatrician several times and have tried different medications with no success. We have no family history of any kind of allergies or breathing conditions. He has also stated that the smoke is irritating her condition and causes her not to be able to improve. It is for my daughters health and safety that I would like my landlord to release me. She wont I have talked to her about it and she said the only thing she could do is move me to another apartment. I have already given her my 30 notice to moveout and have a few months left on my lease. I do not see it just to pay when it is an inconvinience to me to move out. I hope you can help. Thanks