Hello, I have a question. I just purchased a home in Kentucky on a land
contract. The house was advertised to me as 6 bedroom house on 3 acres.
Once we were in the middle of negotiations, the seller changed it to
1.216 acres, but didnt lower the price of the house. I had already sold
my house in Michigan and quit my job. Is there anything I can do now
that I signed the offer to purchase papers? Also, the seller doesnt
record any paperwork with the courts. His wife is the circuit court
judge in this town. One more thing, he wanted to insure the house, and
have me insure the contents. Then he called me a week later and told me my monthly payment was going up because he had underquoted me. Well, I got a great quote from my insurance company, so I insured
the entire house for double what he was going to insure it for (69,000
when I paid 90,000), and he said he needs to have himself and his
company put on my insurance policy. Is that legal?
Please help me.