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Paying guest problem Illinois

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  • Paying guest problem Illinois

    We have given one bedroom of our two bedroom condo to some one as a paying guest last month. We made it very clear to her (paying guest) at the beginning that she needs to keep her room and gust bathroom clean and in mint condition. We agreed that she can use our Kitchen to cook but she needs to keep it clean and put her stuffs in the space provided. She is not doing so and when I asked her to keep things clean, she said she is not getting time to do it and when ever she gets time she does (that's what she said).

    Due to my work I have to be out from my home on week days, my wife stays back there at home. Last time when I had a talk with her (guest) about the cleaning she said she will take care of it. Next day she started shouting on my wife and used abusive words and was asking why I called her and asked for cleaning. My wife tried to keep herself cool and tried to talk to her then she also shouted and asked her (guest) to shut so that she can talk. Any ways after arguments she felt sorry but it seems we can not continue with her after having arguments.

    We have not signed any agreement and first month she gave me cash and this time she gave me check which I can cash.

    Question is how should I ask her to vacate? Should I call police or should I contact attorney? I think it's not that big deal I can seat with her and talk and ask her politely to vacate and later on I can call police, right?