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my house was sold from underneath me.....

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  • my house was sold from underneath me.....

    got a question
    can a house that I am buying contract for deed be sold from out from underneath me?
    I purchased a house contract for deed in august of 2004 I missed one payment which was this november, because I wanted to move....I planned on keeping the house makeing the payments. I went today and the locks were changed with my stuff still in it.....Apparently from what I have gathered from the calls to my mother, the lady sold the house to someone else and the guy went and changed the locks. I have not missed a payment I have been in default only as far as the insurance goes. I want to keep the house
    any thing that I can do legally and can she sell the house with out even telling me.......................

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    You bet there is - you need to see an attorney right away and cloud the title before anything else goes on with the property.

    So much depends on the wording of your agreement with the original owner. Potentially defaulting on your insurance payment could be deemed a breach of your agreement - again depends on the wording of the contract.

    In the future and for others, when you are buying property over time, it is always important that you file your interest against the deed to alert others of your interest.

    Sorry I can't be of more help without seeing your agreement.

    Steve @