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HOA Fence line question California

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  • HOA Fence line question California

    WOW! Would this help our HOA to have this question answered.

    Our HOA is a community of large 1 1/2 acre custom home lots that has hilly open space around most of the lots.

    First, in our HOA Design Guidelines is states that the ARC has discretion as the placement of fences.

    Is there any California State law that prohibits an HOA from disapproving a lot from having a fence around their property line?

    I can't tell you how much this would help our HOA to get this answer.

    Thanks for all replies.


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    Unless it is stated in the HOA constitution and by-laws, I don't see how it can be disapproved. You'll have to read up in the constitution, by-laws, rules, and essentially all written documents behind the HOA.

    Would be a good idea to ask a real estate lawyer, I think.
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