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Easement misuse California

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  • Easement misuse California

    I own 8 rental properties which are adjacent to a church. When these houses were built (74) there were 2 existing dirt driveways. One going to my properties and one going to 3 other homes. When my property was developed the county (Contra Costa) required myself and the three other homes to combine our driveways and construct one paved driveway. The church bought the other homes, tore them down and began to use this easement for a preschool they started. This driveway which was intended to be used for a small group of residential single family homes is now used as an entrance for the church and their preschool which consists of 400 students. This driveway runs 10 feet from my rental homes living rooms. The traffic is unreal.

    The church is now preparing for a big expansion. This is my only time to stop what I believe is a misuse of the easments intended purpose. Any advice? How do I find more detailed information regarding easement law for Danville, CA, Contra Costa County?

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    You really need to contact a local real estate attorney for assistance. This is not a do-it-yourself project.
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