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Notice of termination of tenancy...Help please California

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  • Notice of termination of tenancy...Help please California

    I am going to explain my situation and am in need of advice.....
    I have lived in my apartment for 11+ years with no problems until the last tenant who was moved in above me...the tenants had animals (ie rabbits, and various other animals) living on their back porch, when they would clean up after the animals they would dump chemicals onto our grass (we have a backyard) which in turn was killing our grass. We then told our manager that this was happening, she in turn did nothing. We then proceeded to contact the housing authority who told us to turn the tenant into the health department, in turn the owner was served some sort of paper. Needless to say the tenants moved on their own accord. The manager had told us they were moving due to the fact they couldnt afford the rent. The next set of tenants moved in and have been nothing but a NIGHTMARE...I realize that we do live in a family complex and you can expect some sort of noise from the other tenants in the building....but these tenants are vaccuming at nite and in the early morning (ie after 10 pm and before 7 am)
    We have taken that complaint to the manager and we had a sitdown meeting with the tenants and manager and myself and my mother to try to resolve the situation...well at the meeting the tenant suggested that when they were making too much noise to call her and she would fix the situation. Since the meeting about 2 months ago we have contacted the tenants approximately 5 times about the noise (which consisted of the vaccuming at all hours of the nite and loud music playing at all hours and children running on the floor after 10 pm). The last straw was Christmas eve when I contacted them at 12 am to ask them to stop running the vaccum cleaner as my mother and other occupants in our apartment were sleeping, the lady proceeded to scream at me and tell me that this is a family complex and she cant live her life on my time. I let it go and contacted my apartment manager on tuesday of this week and requested another sitdown meeting with her, myself and the other tenant....she told me at that time she would arrange the meeting and would inform the other tenant of the rules regarding noise. Needless to say I woke yesterday morning to find out we were given a notice to terminate tenancy and when I asked why she said that the owner feels no matter who he puts above me that there will be problems. Im not understanding how a owner can ask us to move for complaining and our complaints are valid complaints.
    If you have any information that might help me please let me know what I can do legally to remedy the situation as I am on social security disability and my mother is on social security and we can NOT afford an attorney or to move.
    We currently live in San Bernardino County not a city if that helps.