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Wisconsin Abandoned Apartment

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  • Wisconsin Abandoned Apartment

    Good Morning
    First of all, I do not own a large amount of rental units, so I have never run into this problem before. I have an apartment within my home, (in Wisconsin) large 2 bedroom, which, over the years has been rented to people who basically have become part of our family. The lady who currently is renting, has been here for almost 3 years and has always been dependable and wonderful to have. She had done a 180 on me. Has not paid October or November rent and we are now approaching December. She also has been here only once since October 6th. At that time she paid $300.00 and promised to be back the next day, and then the following Friday to get caught up. Have not seen her since. I posted a five day Pay Rent or move, notice on her door and also sent it registered mail. This was two weeks ago. I have also left messages on her cell phone to please get in touch with me, never returns my calls. The apartment is just as she left it, furniture, clothes everything! She is not living here, not paying rent. Do I have the right to pack up her belongings and put them in storage, so I can rent the apartment? I just can't go on like this. She now owes $1,400.00 in past rent and December is only 10 days away.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Has something happened to the tenant that you don't know about?

    - Hospitalization?
    - Nursing home commitment?
    - Arrest?
    - Stranded?


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      I have been in touch with her family and they say that she has been in touch with them by phone and acted as though nothing is wrong. She is actually telling them that she is staying here and even invited them for Thanksgiving dinner! Obviously, that won't happen because she is not here. I told the family that and they are as dumbfounded as I am. They have no idea where she is staying either.
      Couldn't get much stranger!


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        How old is this person? Could she be thinking she actually IS at home?


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          She is 42, and like I said before, she has been here for almost 3 years and always been dependable, never showed any kind of odd behavior. The only thing I can think of that alters a personality like this is either alcohol or drugs. She doesn't drink that I know of, but in checking her apartment, there were prescription bags laying around that I have heard can be very addictive, hydrocodone pain medicine.
          Thats all I know right now. Still trying to track her down through relatives.


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            Is she involved with some guy or friend that she doesn't want her family to know about, who may also be eating up her money? Religious cult? Shady "charity"? Deadbeat children? Or perhaps she just plain lost her job and doesn't want her family to know about it, and maybe feels since she can't pay the rent she doesn't have a right to live there and has been staying with a friend or something? I doubt Vicodin would change her personality, and besides, do you know that it wasn't prescribed to her for a valid medical reason?


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              Katja, please do not reply to old threads - this thread is from 2007, thanks.
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